Beauty services

An elegant beauty experience

Beauty is not exclusive to the special occasions in your life. Beauty should be no burden, nor does it need to be overly expensive. And it shouldn’t have you running after various beauty services at different locations. 

Beauty—and your overall health that comes along with it—is something you deserve to enjoy every single day. At Harlow & Co, your Beauty is all we really care about. Here is where all of your beauty needs are taken care of in one convenient location, by experts in Beauty. 

Whether you are in need of a natural-looking spray tan (the only truly safe method of tanning that exists); body waxing services, makeup application, eyebrow or eyelash tinting, eyelash extensions, a manicure/pedicure, or teeth whitening, we’ll take care of your beauty needs in one place. Trust the specialists at Harlow & Co.

Your Beauty is all we really care about.


  • Lash Joy
  • Juuce Hair Care
  • Davines
  • esmi Skin Minerals
  • Erin Bigg Cosmetics
  • Fanola
  • MODELROCK Lashes
  • BellaBronze Tan
  • Shanghai Suzy
  • PONi Cosmetics

teeth whitening

The team at Harlow & Co can brighten your smile in salon using the latest in teeth whitening technology. The whitening solution is activated by an accelerator lamp which can get your teeth as white as they will go in a single visit. You will see results in just 1hour! 

lash extensions

Using the highest quality products from Lash Joy, Harlow & Co are your Lash Extension experts. Enhance your lashes with a natural classic look created using handmade fans crafted by an individual artist during your appointment for one-to-one application. Go Bold and make a statement with volumising lash treatments ranging from 3D up to 10D for mega volume.


Eyebrow threading involves using thread-twisting techniques over areas of unwanted hair; plucking the hair at the follicle level. Unlike tweezing (where single hairs are pulled out one at a time), threading can remove short rows of hair at a time.

The advantage to eyebrow threading is that it provides more precise control in shaping eyebrows. It is gentle to the skin and provides a very defined and exact eyebrow shape.

The experts at Harlow & Co are pleased to offer expert threading services and will create a brow that perfectly frames your eye and results that will last.


Visit Harlow & Co for an expertly applied spray tan that will look natural and last from 7 to 14 days (depending on your skin type and pre-tan/post-tan care).  

With products by Bella Bronze Tan, we guarantee you a perfect, long-lasting spray tan every time. Give us a call and we’ll book your spray tan appointment.


Think of your face as a canvas. Your daily and nightly skincare regimen—including makeup application—is only as effective and attractive as the skin underneath it allows. The best way to ensure that your skin receives the maximum benefits of your at-home skincare routine and that your makeup will look smooth and fresh is to care for the skin underneath with facials and extractions that remove deep-seated dirt and oil.

Let Harlow & Co provide your skin with the care that you deserve.